Shanghai Treasure Hunt

2012/10/26 16:13:14

Discover Shanghai's GREAT and extraordinary PLACES
and race for the amazing PRIZE!

We start at Peoples Square on the 3. of November at 1 PM

Register by sending an email to

Shanghai Treasure Hunt
On Saturday the 3 of November WORDOOR Live Meetup will arrange a Treasure Hunt for those of you that want to discover and explore the secrets of Shanghai. Meeting point will be at Peoples Square at 1pm where you will experience your first challenge. On this assignment you will be given some clues that will, if understood correctly, take you to your next destination with yet another assignment and some clues. The team that completes all the tasks will be awarded a treasure worthy a Shanghai citizen.
We will divide the participants in groups from 3-5 people; you may either come alone and be divided in a team with others or bring your own group with you. We are in for grand COMPETITION!
Place: Meet at Peoples Square at 1pm.
At 6pm we will all meet at a bar for Happy Hour and decide who get the astonishing prize! If you can find it…. ;)

A signup fee of 25RMB will be required when meeting at Peoples Square.

Please sign up by sending an email with your contact information to, then you will also receive further instructions and details:
call: 4006609920

The WORDOOR Live Meetup events will give you the opportunity to meet and socialize with people from different countries and cultures. Whatever your goal, the Live Meetup is a perfect opportunity to chat with people from all over the world, meet business contacts and also expand your social network by making new friends.

For more information contact:

Wordoor Livemeetup

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